Below you will find links to some of my published work.

Selected Work
The Blue Hour – Litro
Cullybackey Train Station – The Honest Ulsterman
The Last Meal of the Condemned – Litro
Burrito and Kate – 3:AM Magazine
Farmer – Fire No. 26 ISSN No 1367-031X

Kidsgrove – Litro
The Time Travelling Vampire Harry Styles Fan Fiction Generator – Hand Job
The Shared Bedroom – Number Eleven
The Comedian – The Honest Ulsterman
A Mouthful of Wasps – VisualVerse
After The Parade – Neon
Mice, Monkeys, Cats, Cows, and Frogs – The Honest Ulsterman
Good King Bumfluff – The Incubator
A Visitor – VisualVerse
DunvaleThe Moth
Browsing Through CDs at the SupermarketThe Ranfurly Review Issue 4 ISSN: 1775-6957
A House on the Edge of Town – Six Pack (edited by Toby Litt) ISBN 905404963

Four Poems – FourXFour
When I’m Drunk – Pinhole Camera, Issue 1, published by The University of Cumbria ISBN 1-869979
The Practical Advantages of Kung-Fu over Karate – Fuselit:Battery
The Dreams of the Middle-Class Poser vs. The Reality of Cool Punk